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Welcome to the ultimate web destination for the hottest, trendiest, and most feature-packed cryptocurrency! We've got you covered with the latest memes, online community buzz, and everything social media has to offer. Say hello to the ultimate meme coin experience

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About MEME Coins

We are here with the world of meme coins! We're a community-driven cryptocurrency, fueled by viral memes and social media trends. Embrace laughter, innovation, and endless possibilities as we ride the wave of fun and financial excitement together!


  • Research and choose a meme coin based on community strength and development transparency.
  • Select a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that supports the desired meme coin.
  • Create an account on the chosen exchange, completing the necessary identity verification.
  • Enhance account security with two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Deposit funds into your exchange account using fiat or cryptocurrencies.
  • Locate the meme coin trading pair (e.g., MEME/BTC or MEME/ETH) on the exchange.
  • Place the buy order for your desired amount of meme coins and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.



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Team (Lock for 6 months)






With Season 1 Ending with our play and Duis elementum sollicitudin is yaugue euismods Nulla ulla Player-focused updates games from Mobile App and Enjoy.

Phase 1: Lift Off

Fair Launch $GRUM On BRC-20

  • Grow The Community On Twitter And Telegram
  • Reward Early Adopters For Helping Spread The Word
  • Get Featured On Top-Tier Crypto Media
  • Secure A Spot On Coinmarketcap And CoinGecko

Phase 2: Bring The Fun

Fair Launch $GRUM On BRC-20

  • Behold: The First CEX Listing
  • Official Partnership With NiceGram The World's First Platform-Runner Meme Game
  • A Free Grumps Ordinals NFT For All Holders (To Take To The Moon In The Game, Obvs)
  • NFTs And Rewards Galore
  • The World's First Platform-Runner Meme Game

Phase 3: Moon Landing

Fair Launch $GRUM On BRC-20

  • Ordinals KOL Activations, A Twitch Gaming Competition, And NiceGram Continued
  • Official Partnership With NiceGram The World's First Platform-Runner Meme Game
  • One-Of-A-Kind Staking Enabled By The BRC-30 Protocol
  • Launch Of Grumpy's Very Own Native Crypto Wallet
  • The Moon Landing 3.0, Grumpy Style

Meme Token

$GRUM Ain't Just Another Memecoin. We're Building On Top Of The BRC20 Protocol - One Of The Fastest Growing Protocols Out There. Forget The Hype, Ride The Grumpy Wave Instead. We're Hissing Around On DEX's For Now, But Expect Some Pretty Epic CEX's To Follow!

Total Supply

21,000,000,000 (Twenty-One Billion)

Max Supply

1,000,000 (One Million)